Deriding [verb]

Definition of Deriding:

make fun of; insult

Synonyms of Deriding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deriding:

Sentence/Example of Deriding:

QAnon adherents used the Internet to organize into their own communities, ones in which their interest in Q wasn’t mocked or derided.

Sheehan was buffeted by editors who found him too slow in churning out stories, generals who labeled him a liar, and politicians and other critics who derided his work as unpatriotic, even detrimental to national security.

More recent discoveries, however, make an overwhelmingly strong case that new genes are evolving routinely in the stretches of the genome often derided as “junk DNA.”

The association fueled Xiaomi hype—the now public company was the world’s most valuable private startup in 2016—but it annoyed designers in Cupertino who derided Xiaomi’s handsets as cheap iPhone wannabes.

Just talk to the marketing team at Gap, which was widely derided on Twitter last week.

The humorist and satirist lost no opportunity of deriding the new fashion and its followers.

Here am I, who turn up my nose at the popular gods, deriding my own private and particular gods in their very temples!

His life is spent in idleness, merely observing the sayings and doings of the gods, and then censuring and deriding them.

When he wished to sleep he was instructed how to fold up his clothes and set out his boots; the other boys deriding.

Like most grossly superstitious folk, the Kamboh could not keep his tongue from deriding his Church.