Dooming [verb]

Definition of Dooming:

make decision from evidence; deduce

Synonyms of Dooming:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dooming:

Sentence/Example of Dooming:

“It’s really hard to thread this needle without sounding like a prophet of doom,” said Angela Rasmussen, a virologist at Georgetown University’s Center for Global Health Science and Security.

After a year of doom drinking in our bubbles while binge-watching cable news or British dramas on Netflix and munching sourdough discard crackers, we’re ready for an old-fashioned bender.

He would go to the Dolphins and then to Tuscaloosa, and now he has won five more national titles and finished runner-up twice, and lost 17 games in the past 13 seasons, and even the two of those to Ole Miss didn’t portend any doom of relocation.

He might even thus ensure his own escape; but in that case would he not be dooming to death his comrade?

That without dooming some part of mankind to extraordinary toil, the arts which cultivate life could not be exercised.

I felt like a judge who had to pronounce sentence upon him—dooming his dearest hopes to painful and instant death.

Think of three years,—of dooming a girl to live three years without ever seeing her lover!

So great is his repugnance to dooming even a hardened criminal to death, by a mere scratch of his pen.

In his heart he charged God with cruelty in shutting them out of the garden, and dooming mankind to a life of labor and sorrow.

It was more than sorrow; it was a new existence, an irrevocable destiny, dooming this innocent creature to smile no more.