Developments [noun]

Definition of Developments:


Opposite/Antonyms of Developments:

Sentence/Example of Developments:

This epoch-making invention, introduced in 1832, rendered possible extraordinary developments.

The great mass of the nation, however, was waiting for more definite developments.

These Cupids must have been erected in the time of the Dutch dynasty, as I judge from the immense posterior developments.

I understand now, but I did not then, full of expectation as I was for developments out of the ordinary.

The Homestead developments had given him temporary prominence, thrown this particular hydra-head into bold relief, so to speak.

Chardin des Lupeaulx, the secretary-general, was advised by him of the slightest developments.

I'll hold him on a long lead so that people will think he's out by himself, and we'll await developments.

I shall not write any more of these diary letters unless there are further acute developments, which God forbid.

Roly was inclined to wait for developments, but as the call to "muck-muck" was now heard on the shore, he also withdrew.

Paragraphs are developments of a definite topic; and this topic is generally announced at the beginning of the paragraph.